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Looking for a unique way to promote your cause or event? Look no further than our Braided Silicone Personalised Wristbands! These Custom Braided Silicone Wristbands are adult sized and available in a variety of colours. With 2 print colours and express delivery included within the price, there are no VAT or hidden fees to worry about. Use our user-friendly product designer to create your own wristbands, or let our professional designers take care of the artwork for you. Order your Personalised Wristbands today and make a statement for your brand or cause!

Personalised Wristbands (Braided Silicone)

PriceFrom £201.99
  • Adult: 202mm (Braided)


    Need personalised wristbands in sizes that will be suitable for children?


    Visit our website - for a specialised experience, or contact one of our team for more information.

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